Peptides are a very important and effective form of supplement for body builders. Since bodybuilders need additional muscle mass, they need more protein than normal people, and peptide supplements are very effective in catering to that need. With supplements, as with comedy, timing is everything. Even if you take the best supplement but at the wrong time, you will not get anywhere. You want to provide nutrients to your body as much as the body needs and whenever it needs so that none of it is wasted. That is the key to gaining maximum muscle mass.

Breakfast before Breakfast

timing-is-everythingWhen you wake up, your body has not received nourishment for about 7 to 8 hours. If at that stage you do not eat and start doing any activity, it will have no other option than to turn to metabolizing your muscles for energy. You obviously do not want that to happen; you want to gain more muscle, not lose the ones you already have. That is why it is recommended to take your peptides at once upon waking up. If it is in powder form, you can drink a protein shake or if it is a pill, it can be taken with water. It is okay to have some coffee with it to give you the extra boost to face the day; however other foods are discouraged at that time. You must wait about 30 minutes to an hour before having a proper breakfast. It is recommended that you do take a proper breakfast, and not just rely upon the peptides.

Pre-Workout Meal

To maximize your performance during a workout session, it is recommended that you take a small dose of peptides about 30 minutes or so before aworkout. You may also take coffee with it. That way during the workout your body will have extra energy to cope up with the extra stresses being put on it, and nutrients too whose absorption will already have begun thus aiding the body in recovering. Your body will need those peptides during exercise, and if you work out hard without taking the peptides, your body might turn to your muscles, leading to muscle degeneration. Think of pre-workoutpeptides as fuel that you must put in the body to work it out.

Post Workout Meal

After a workout session, you must refuel your body within an hour. A medium dose of peptides is the way to go. That will give your body the fuel it needs to maximize recovery and muscle gains. The nutrients would need to get absorbed very fast, to ensure maximum use in your muscles and thus peptides are your best bet since they are readily absorbable by the body and need not go through any lengthy digestion process. After some time you may have your dinner.


It is recommended that you take a small dose of peptides about half an hour before going to bed. Since you do not eat anything while you are sleeping, this dose will keep your body nourished with a slow, healthy stream of amino acids during the night.