A lot of people are using peptide supplements for fitness and muscle growth nowadays while others are still contemplating about the advantages of peptides. The first goal of any bodybuilder is to gain more muscle mass. The shape is also important, but the primary goal is to gain muscle; chiseling and cuttingcome later. There are many theories of gaining muscle mass, and many bodybuilders follow different regimens of exercise to that end.


For example, the famous bodybuilder, actor, and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about “shocking the muscle”, “forced reps”,“half reps”, and other such theories in his book, The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. But no matter what regimen you follow, you are not going to get anywhere unless you give your body proper nutrition.

Say that you want to build a house. No matter how great and efficient building practices you follow, or how amazing machines and builders you have, will you be able to build anything without any building material like bricks, cement, concrete, et cetera? Of course not. Same is the case with bodybuilding and muscle gains.

Muscle gains

Peptides are small components of proteins, and thebody uses them as raw material to form the proteins it needs. Your body needs raw material to make more muscle fibers, and repairing and strengthening damaged ones. Muscle fibers are proteins, and that is where peptides come in. The body needs peptidesto make more proteins for muscle fibers, and since bodybuilders need more muscle size than an average person, their bodies demand more proteins. That is why it is recommended that bodybuilders take peptide supplements, to cater to the demand for extra proteins.

Growth hormones

Some peptides are necessary to produce many hormones in the body that determine the way our body reacts to exercise and diet. One such hormone is the human growth hormone. To be physically fit and athletic, we need these hormones. If the required peptides are not available in the right amount, the production of such hormones is slowed, and in extreme shortage, even stopped. Thus to maintain a healthy production of hormones, we need peptides so we can perform well.

Ease of Absorption

The human body is designed to break down food physically and chemically into smaller pieces to absorb it. Thus it has to work to digest and absorb food. Due to the extra requirements of bodybuilders, they need more protein. But if they eat more protein than usual, the body has to work more to digest all that food. So they take peptides since those can be readily absorbed and thus there is no burden on the body.

Volume of food

Although the walls of the stomach are elastic, there is a limit to the volume of food we can eat. Thus a bodybuilder might not be able to eat all the proteins his body needs due to this volume limit. However, since the peptides come in pills or powder form, a lot of peptides are concentrated into a small volume hence the bodybuilder will not have to eat that much to satisfy his body’s requirements.