Anyone who is into body building must have heard of performance enhancing substances and mass gainers. To most of them, the science surrounding these is pretty vague, and people who attempt to explain it themselves know nothing solid about it and have formed their own theories about what happens when you use these substances. Therefore, there is a need for experts to write about the science behind these muscle gainer shakes and performance enhancers. For example, peptides. There is a lot of hype around peptides nowadays, and it is highly recommended for muscle mass gain and burning fat. But few in the body building world actually know what peptides are and how they function. Let us dive into the valid science behind peptides so that we may be able to make more informed choices about taking supplements in the future.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are basically groups of two or more amino acids. Two amino acids joined together form a di-peptide, three amino acids join to form a tri-peptide and so on. A chain of unbranched amino acids is called a polypeptide, and many polypeptides combine to form proteins. So basically, peptides are small components of proteins, and by ingesting them we give our body raw material for forming different proteins that are necessary for muscle gains while also maintaining general fitness of the human body.

How Can You Take Peptides?

Peptides which are made industrially, normally come in a pill or powder form and are available from gyms and nutritional supplement stores in a variety of brands and packings. The pills can be swallowed as such while the powders can be ingested in a protein shake with milk or water. The powders have flavorings to ease the process of drinking them, while the pills are normally devoid of artificial flavoring. Usually there are no problems associated with ingesting peptide pills or shakes, and it is very easy and uncomplicated.

The Digestion of Peptides

The body normally breaks down complex proteins that we eat using a group of protein-digestingenzymes called proteases in the stomach and small intestine. These proteases break down the proteins into medium and small peptides. But since we are already ingesting peptides, these can be readily absorbed by the body which is one of the advantages of taking them. The small intestine has many microscopic bristle-like projections which increase the surface area required to absorb nutrients. The said peptidesare absorbed into these projections.

The Benefits of Peptide Supplements

There are many benefits in taking peptide supplements, especially for bodybuilders and athletes. The most important of these are listed below:

  • science-behind-peptidesThe body more readily absorbs peptides, so when ingested in a large quantity like body builders have to, they do not put much burden on the body as opposed to if an equivalent amount of proteins were eaten.
  • Because they are concentrated into a pill or powder, the nutritional requirements of a body builder can be fulfilled with a small volume of food.
  • The body uses these peptides in producing many hormones needed for making muscle gains.
  • The muscle themselves are made of proteins, thus taking peptide supplements is necessary for theformation of more muscle fibers.